Relax / Anti-Anxiety

The Serene IV Infusion is a great option for those trying to reduce acute cases of anxiety and/or depression as well stifle onset of age related memory loss. This infusion has powerful amino acids and minerals, to help with mental and physical relaxation.

The amino acids and minerals in our Serene IV Infusion are important neurotransmitters that help transmit messages between the brain and the nervous system. These messages are responsible for many important functions such as our mood (anxiety/stress). Many medications have been created to increase these neurotransmitter levels. Instead of taking medicine to increase the level why not get the neurotransmitter directly?

Treatments are done on two separate days at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week.
Cost: N$ 2 980 per session
Day 1 Duration: 30-45 min
Day 2 Duration: 3 hrs

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