Anti-aging / Body Restoration

Restore your mind and body with YouNique IV Infusion Clinic's Ageless (NAD - Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) infusion. Our Ageless IV Infusion offers a variety of benefits, such as slowing the aging process, leading to a healthier and younger-looking you.

NAD, the key ingredient in our Ageless IV infusion boosts neurologic function, restores mental clarity, supports brain regeneration and repair, and increases energy metabolism on a cellular level. NAD may also help improve symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, and depression. The benefits of NAD don’t stop there. NAD IV therapy has been found to benefit individuals in addiction and recovery programs by helping to reduce cravings, restore nutrients typically lost in substance abuse, and promoting brain repair.

Can be done once or twice a month.
Cost: N$ 2 500 per session
Duration: 3 hrs

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